The Team


Founder & Head Analyist

Although only trading since 2017, the technicaltrader123 has exploded in to the community has a name to be known. Originally purchasing a book about Forex in 2014, he never actually read it until he was bed-ridden for 8 months due to 2 different operations. It was during this time that his relationship with Forex truly began.

His Forex journey started out simply by following signals and discovering scalping. Moving deeper into the community it dawned on him that many of the so called “Forex Traders’ in the game are not what they seem to be; scam artists and fakes. One day stumbling upon the education of @thatfxtrader is when that all changed.

After being taken under the wing of his new mentor for a year, thetechnicaltrader123 began to make his way in to the business side of the Forex world; Initially creating a small signals group and then a much larger one. A task not hard to complete with a win rate of 100% at times.

With his involvement in the Forex lifestyle beginning to flourish he was privileged to meet @tylerpsmalone and @lifeofjermaine who quickly became his KTFRX business partners and potential future lifelong friends. All 3 of them bring their talents together to run various sides of the business and focus on their strengths.

Due to the years of meeting and dealing with untrustworthy people, KTFRX created a philosophy that revolves around being honest and open. Continual communication with a subscription model that allows clients to drop out when they feel the product isn’t worth it. Through this philosophy, KTFRX and thetechnicaltrader123 aim to become the world’s best and most reliable signal company.


Owner & Analyist

Tyler’s beginnings come from a place of humility and necessity. For years he was a leading figure in the Canadian fitness industry coaching thousands of competitors and weekend warriors from all corners of the world. With the advent of social media and its popularity he felt something else was calling to him and that his fitness career had an expiry date. 

It wasn’t until the unfortunate event of a massive wildfire in his home province of Alberta that he realized this fact. This forced him to explore other avenues in which he could make the same impact he has on others lives but without the concern that any major evenT might cause a paradigm shift. 

Within the foreign exchange market he found exactly what he was looking for. Like most new traders, he struggled at the beginning. It wasn’t until he came across his mentor Albert (@thatfxtrader) and KTFRX’s head analyst Kev (@thetechnicaltrader123) that his forex journey began to bear fruit. 
In less than a year and after enlisting the help of longtime friend Tyrone (@lifeofjermaine) while partnering up with Kev, Tyler and his KTFRX partners have been able to take the most difficult concepts in the forex market while providing clarity, simplicity, and ease to offer one of the most accurate signal services in the market today. 

The rapid success of KTFRX is large in part due to the extreme professionalism and passion that Tyler and his partners bring to the table. They see it beyond the money, the cars, and anything else you see traders show on social media. Their mission is not superficial but it is one that you cannot buy. Instead you must earn it. 

That mission is complete freedom for everyone involved. This is the pillar that drives Tyler and KTFRX to become the most successful signal service in the industry today while being completely transparent about everything and everyone involved. 

Sounds difficult? It really isn’t because when you know your ‘why’, your ‘how’ is easy. 

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