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The Importance of Mentors: How to Seek Mentorship and Create an Enriching Experience.

Guest post by Cecilia Yoneliunas

The Importance of mentors is a topic spoken of by countless successful individuals. People like

Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Facebook, Bill Gates, Founder and Technology

Advisor of Microsoft, and Oprah Winfrey, Founder of Harpo Productions and the Oprah Winfrey



These individuals, along with every other success story, had a mentor who played a colossal role

in their becoming.


So, what is a mentor?


I have had a few different mentors throughout the varying stages of my life. Mentors appear in

many different forms; like a fitness coach, a business mentor, a friend or even our parents. Their

value is priceless, and they provide an immeasurable amount of attribute to our successes.


A mentor is someone who has mastered expertise in a particular field and is willing to share their

knowledge and experience with their mentee. While providing an elaborate, tailored arsenal of

weapons and tools for you to utilize, a mentor will be the one to guide and support your

enhancement. They will not only teach you how to do as they have but show you why it is

important to do so. They act as a mirror, reflecting a glimpse of your potential back at you.


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself” – Oprah Winfrey


When chasing success in any particular field, especially Forex, I believe it to be of the utmost

importance to seek out mentorship along your journey.



Why are mentors important?


Many new traders at the beginning of their journey will attempt to learn on their own. Now

although we have seen this approach done by successful traders who have come up before us, it

can be extremely inefficient. The traders who have formulated their own strategies did not do so

overnight. Most of them likely took five to ten or more years and lost considerable quantities of

capital before perfecting their approach. Finding someone who is willing to teach you a

successful strategy will shave years and an immeasurable amount of frustration off of your



Seeking mentorship


When searching for a mentor it is important to seek out someone who has found the particular

success you are after. Just like you wouldn’t hire a running coach to help you build muscle, you

would not seek mentorship by someone who invests in the stock market when you are looking to

trade Forex. Perhaps they may both fall under a somewhat similar umbrella, however when

seeking mastery; their paths are far from the same.


 “If you want to be successful find someone who has achieved the results you want, and

copy what they do...” – Tony Robbins



What’s the difference between a teacher and a mentor?


When I began learning how to trade, I went to ThatFxTrader to teach me how to do so. What I

didn’t expect was the mentorship I would receive from him, this taught me the vital differences

between a teacher and mentor. A teacher will spend their time to educate you, while a mentor

will invest their time into developing you. A teacher will teach you how to write through lessons

and instruction, while a mentor will show you the beauty of language through example and a

greater perspective. A teacher will provide an explanation while a mentor will provide

inspiration. Finding a teacher is important, however finding a mentor can be life-changing.



You can have more than one mentor


It’s important to remember that you can have more than one mentor and/or teacher at any given

time. Although ThatFxTrader’s mentorship taught me everything I needed to know to become a

consistent and successful trader, I wouldn’t be the trader I am today without the combined

guidance and mentorship from a couple of other individuals. As I have progressed throughout

my journey the lessons and support given to me by Tyler Malone, Analyst and Co-Founder of

KTFRX, along with Besart Pacolli, Founder of TheHonestFx, have shaped and rounded me into

the trader I am today.


If you ask questions as often as you can and seek knowledge in every encounter, you may find a

mentor in those you never imagined to, and lessons hidden in the world all around you. Embrace




“Mentorship is a two-way street”


There should be a beneficial transfer of value from both mentor and mentee to have a well-

balanced, developmental relationship. We’ve outlined the value a mentor can provide for you,

but the answer to what you can provide for your mentor will vary depending on your niche and



A true mentor will be invested in the potential they see in you and will be looking to learn from

you as well. Perhaps they may be searching for a prodigy to employ within or operate their

business. You could provide value by helping them structure or smooth out their teaching

approach and methods, or they could even simply be looking to experience the pride of watching

you grow and succeed; to generate impact.


“The passion/hunger of the student brings out the experience/wisdom of the mentor.” –

Orrin Woodward


 Creating an Enriching Experience


There is no cookie-cutter formula for a mentor and mentee relationship. No one has walked the

path you are on; you are uniquely you, with all your individual qualities, quirks, passions and

aspirations. Just as your mentor is uniquely them. Every situation will be different but at the end

of the day, someone who is eager and willing to learn will attract someone who is eager and

willing to teach. The effort you put into the experience is the effort you will get out of it. So be

the best student you can be, soak up and apply every inch of their guidance, be proud of your

triumphs and grow from your mistakes, and soon you will begin to recognize and tap into your

unlimited potential.


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Until next time,


Cecilia Yoneliunas

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